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6. June 2020

Cretaion of a sea monster necklace

Deep down, a silvery sea monster lurks, ready to stretch its arms towards the surface in order to tear down unsuspecting sea folk into a watery and violent grave. It was this monster which I set out to create, when Nina Hald, author of several jewellery-related books and curator of even more jewellery exhibitions, invited me to participate in the exhibition “Jewels of the Sea” at the nautical museum “Fjord og Bælt”. However, in the beginning, I only knew, that I wanted to work with the octopus because I am in love with the sinuous curls which its arms can…
23. May 2020

Creating a tiara

When the Copenhagen Jewellers Guild announced the event “Fit for a Queen”, letting all Copenhagen Jewellers participating with their take on what was fit for a queen, I decided to create a tiara. Of course, one might be tempted to say, since I love creating tiaras and do so approximately once every other year. This particular tiara was meant for a forest queen and hence its main motifs would be silvery leaves and/or flowers. I puzzled around with the elements for quite a while before settling for a somewhat simple but stylish version featuring only leaves. I adored the flowers…
21. December 2019


Many of my customers come to me with an old wedding ring and want me to redesign into a new piece of jewelry – but how to go about that elegantly? There can be a number of reasons why you would want a wedding ring to be redesigned. Perhaps it is yours, but the marriage is no longer because you split up or your spouse passed away. The ring might also once have belonged to one of your parents and for that reason holds big sentimental value to you. No matter the reason, sometimes you want to reuse the wedding…
16. April 2019

Creating a one of a kind Ouroboros ring

A serpent bites its own tail – this ancient symbol of eternity, or rather how time begins, ends and begins anew is a much-loved illustration throughout religions, art and literature. It illustrates the cycle of life and death, the turn of the seasons, wholeness, the union of opposites and infinity at large. Recently, a customer wanted me to create ring, using this very symbol and it was such a treat to comply! We meet the tail-biting snake for the first time in ancient Egypt – famously in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Here they depict the deity Mehen, which protects the…
28. February 2019

What is the price of handcrafted jewellery?

Are you considering having a piece of jewellery custom made for you because you can’t find what you dream of in regular jewellery shops? Or perhaps because you dream of e.g. wedding rings which no one else owns? Then the question is absolutely relevant! The short answer is: More than mass produced jewellery from suppliers who have specialized in budget-friendly jewellery and often cheaper than (also) mass produced jewellery by a renowned brand. Here is the explanation and we start with Adam & Eve / how a piece of jewellery is made. A piece of jewellery can be made in…
9. October 2018

BTS: Creation of an opal pendant

Once in a while I take the time to to create true con amore piece through the lost wax (or cire perdue) method. Such piece is always time-consuming to craft, but also oh-so-satisfying and this one started out with a gorgeous 3 carat opal from Aethiopia. This absolutely enchanting gem deserved a unique setting and after creating countless sketches I found myself unable to decide on a design. And so I dared an experiment: What happens if I ask my followers on Facebook to vote for their favorite? It was almost as hard for them to decide as for me,…
11. September 2018

Darling Dragonling

A small jewellery dragon has proved to be one of Castens’ most successful creations. And no wonder: The charming creature can be created in so many variations that everyone can enjoy wearing their unique version of the little protector. Many Dragonlings have fluttered from my hands to be gifted: as wedding night gifts, for baptizations and confirmations and many other occasions where the giver wants the receiver to carry his or her love and feel protected by it – as fiercely as any dragon would protects its treasure. This fact has inspired a short story about a young woman who…
28. February 2018

Interlinked wedding set

Wedding sets are a well-known concept in the US, where the big diamond engagement ring is paired with a smaller wedding ring, which fits up against the latter. A smart solution in order to have more space for rings on the other fingers. However, the wedding ring tends to turn autonomously around the finger even though it has often been designed to follow the specific shape of the engagement ring - to much irritation of the wearer. Solution: Interlink the two rings together like a hook and loop   My wedding award winning set consists of a solitaire – The “Hiding…
9. December 2017

Creating a buckle for the chasuble of Sct. Lukas'

Sometimes I get orders which fall outside the usual handcrafted jewellery which is created in my worshop – a task which requires my entire creative spectrum in order to find the most beautiful and elegant solution. I was presented to such an assignment when Bettina Christiansen, the priest at Sct Lukas Church at Frederiksberg, contacted me with a request to create a buckle for the new chasuble which was currently being sewn. "What's a chasuble?" You might ask. It is the often rather colorful cloak which the minister wears on top of her priestly robe at high mass. Often the…
7. June 2017

How to create a genuine magic wand

What if magic was real? What if Hogwards was an actual place and you HAD the chance of receiving the coveted letter by owl when turning 11? This is a very real day dream of many children as well as adults (albeit a bit late to hope for the 11-year letter). We have read the books, watched the movies, visited the Warner Bros Studios outside London and purchased the merchandise. And some take the day dream all the way and enroll in a Live Action Role Play (LARP) where they get to pretend and act the role as a student…

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