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Customers stories

13. July 2018

Sing Blue Silver - a bespoke ring

It can be a bit challenging to understand what exactly it takes here in our workshop to create a piece of jewellery. It’s always interesting to get a look behind the scene and in this article you will get just that as I take you on the journey from sketch to finished custom made piece. A few years ago, this customer came to me with a request to have her old heirloom jewellery redesigned into a new ring, which fitted her taste and personal style. The old ring was a 40’s design and featuring a large and rather beautifully colored…
4. July 2018

Boho-wedding on a Greek Beach

Love crosses borders and conquers culture differences. This is the story of an international couple who got united on a beach in Greece with a custom made wedding set from Castens. Norea and Michael met in Athens on a hot summer day a few years ago. He was Canadian, but lived in Athens where he was teaching acting and instructed theatre plays. She was on vacation and on the verge of beginning her studies to become a midwife back in Denmark. It was a truly enchanting night and just one week later, on a beach in the tiny village Sougia…
30. July 2017

A new ring with old memories

  Some years ago I created a ring for the Danish blogger, actor and It-girl Carla Michelsborg, also known as Carla Chloe. Carla is one of those scrumptious girls who always looks delicious and cheerful. The pouting duck faces are few and far between and she has no problems showing her silly, less photogenic sides – bless her. Carla as an elven princess, wearing the Le Fey tiara. She could probably play such a fairytale creature very well too... Like many others of my customers she came to me with an old ring which didn’t work for her, but which…
9. May 2017

Heirloom redesign – celebration of mothers

Many of us feel deeply connected to the generations of our family which have gone before us. And therefore Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to commemorate and celebrate not only our own mother, but the mothers who came before her as well. This was the intent of my customer when she brought me 3 rings with diamonds: Her mothers wedding ring, her grandmothers wedding ring the ring her grandmother got, when she had given birth to her mother. All rings were in a rather bad state: They had never been built sturdy and the wear and tear of many…
10. February 2017

Silver anniversary wedding rings

It is never too late to celebrate love! Anja and Mickey were married at a very young age in the early nineties. Anja was pregnant and so speed was a factor which left precious little time for saving up. Mickey was in the army and Anja was receiving a state granted scholarship and so they had to resort to borrowing a dress (with elastic in the back, allowing for a little space for the belly) while the budget unfortunately wasn’t elastic enough to purchase rings. Today Anja and Mickey have three children and like all couples they experienced their ups…

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