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Enchanted Jewellery


Do you prefer to wear jewellery which no one else possesses? Do you cherish unique, meaningful designs which set off your personality? By working closely together during the artistic design process, we strive to merge your vision with our crafmanship in order to create outstanding jewellery – just for you. From wedding rings to tiaras and from future heirlooms to jewellery which celebrates the most important aspects of your life



Through the artistic design process we work closely together with our customers in order to fuse your wishes and our refined craftwork in order to create a special piece of jewelry just for you.  We create many custom made pieces of jewellery which is why we most likely can make you happy: Whether you want a cocktail ring or one to be worn through your everyday life, engagement rings, bridal sets, wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or other kinds of fairytale-ish jewelry we are here for you to create that piece of jewelry which reminds you of the most important moments of your life.

 Castens makes your dream come true with a custom made piece of jewelry


Custom made jewellery is much more than just a piece of jewelry. Every person is unique which is why we want your jewellery to be just as unique as yourself.  The opportunity to be a part of the designing process enables you to add memories and dreams to your piece and show the rest of the world just how unique you are. 


Meet the designer and owner of Castens here:



Do you have an idea and are you curious about how we can make your dream come true? Don't hesistate to contact us. We would love to listen to your dreams and wishes and to hear the story behind the piece of jewelry which will make your dream come true. You can book a 30 minutes free design meeting with Karin Castens:


Book a design meeting



It's been a few weeks since I picked up my absolutely amazing and beautiful ring of my dreams and...

You have made a work of art which is being admired and praised
wherever I show it ...
My friend, who has known me for 30 years, exclaimed when she first saw it: "Oh my God, what a beauty - and so YOU!" And she is absolutely right ...

Lots of love


Jewellery created
especially for you

Many customers approach us with a dream about having a piece of jewellery created, which can’t be purchased in ordinary shops.
A personalized piece, perhaps even created from the gold of treasured, but aesthetically less pleasant heirlooms


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