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15. July 2020

Vielsesringe med uendelighedstegn

Vielsesringe med et uendelighedstegn er en klassiker. Hos Castens har vi specialiseret os i at gøre det på en lidt andeledes måde   Når vi vælger hinanden som livspartnere, er det i forventningen om netop det: at det kommer til at vare livet ud, eller "uendeligt" - altså at det ikke ender før vi gør, i al fald. I den forbindelse er det faktisk underordnet om det så lykkedes, for når vi står der i kirken, på rådhuset eller under blodbøgen, FØLES det som det helt rigtige – og det er den følelse, som skal være med til at bære…
10. July 2020

How to create a perfect proposal

Proposing or being proposed to is not something you immediately forget no matter what. However, a proposal can easily, become even more romantic and memorable if you do a little bit of planning ahead. This article is brought in collaboration with FindEnKæreste.dk (FindALove), who are Danish experts in love, dating and relationships. Visit them here Looking for ideas and suggestions for the perfect proposal? Then read on. Whether you want to use one or more of these ideas to create an unforgettable courtship or whether you simply want to use them as inspiration is entirely up to you. The traditional…
6. June 2020

Cretaion of a sea monster necklace

Deep down, a silvery sea monster lurks, ready to stretch its arms towards the surface in order to tear down unsuspecting sea folk into a watery and violent grave. It was this monster which I set out to create, when Nina Hald, author of several jewellery-related books and curator of even more jewellery exhibitions, invited me to participate in the exhibition “Jewels of the Sea” at the nautical museum “Fjord og Bælt”. However, in the beginning, I only knew, that I wanted to work with the octopus because I am in love with the sinuous curls which its arms can…
23. May 2020

Creating a tiara

When the Copenhagen Jewellers Guild announced the event “Fit for a Queen”, letting all Copenhagen Jewellers participating with their take on what was fit for a queen, I decided to create a tiara. Of course, one might be tempted to say, since I love creating tiaras and do so approximately once every other year. This particular tiara was meant for a forest queen and hence its main motifs would be silvery leaves and/or flowers. I puzzled around with the elements for quite a while before settling for a somewhat simple but stylish version featuring only leaves. I adored the flowers…
12. March 2020

Are you worried about getting infected by Corona at your jeweller?

We would be irresponsible if we did not care - about our own, but especially our clients' health.Therefore, we no longer accept customers in my physical store, because we get too close to each other when trying on jewelry.   However, it is still possible to have a design meeting online and we are still in the process of creating the jewellery which was previously ordered. Alessandro (who has not been to Italy since January and is worried about his old mother who lives down there) works from home in his own workshop, while I hold down the fort at…
14. January 2020

From academia to the workbench – an autodidact jeweller can create jewellery too

10 years ago, on my 37th birthday and in the middle of the last recession, I opened a jewellery shop. In spite of having an academic background and no official training as a jeweller, I chose to throw all caution into the wind and follow my heart to become a goldsmith - which almost didn’t happen after all, when I was offered the perfect job. When I was 19 in the beginning of the 90’s, I studied for a year at the art School of Engelsholm – situated in a renaissance castle with towers (I lived in one of them),…
21. December 2019


Many of my customers come to me with an old wedding ring and want me to redesign into a new piece of jewelry – but how to go about that elegantly? There can be a number of reasons why you would want a wedding ring to be redesigned. Perhaps it is yours, but the marriage is no longer because you split up or your spouse passed away. The ring might also once have belonged to one of your parents and for that reason holds big sentimental value to you. No matter the reason, sometimes you want to reuse the wedding…
13. July 2019

Synthetic diamonds – better for the environment?

Have you considered buying a synthetic diamond? Why? The lower price? The smaller impact on the environment? Currently a lot of information is floating around about the benefits of synthetic diamonds, also known as HPHT diamonds, CVP diamonds, manmade diamonds, grown diamonds etc. However, the picture is a lot more muddled than the advocates of the synthetic diamonds lead us to believe. They can definitely be better for the environment – they can also definitely be not. And while they are cheaper than natural diamonds, they haven’t reached their lowest price yet – by far. So is it (yet) the…
24. June 2019

How to protect your jewelry from theft

Having your jewellery stolen can be traumatic: Loosing something of monetary value is bad enough, while loosing items of vast emotional value can be even worse. Hiding your pieces well can help to prevent the theft, but what to do if it actually happens? Here is a list of tips which will help you get back to enjoying your jewellery again Whether going on vacation or just being away from home, you have to calculate with a certain risk of theft. It’s a reality that burglars make their living by breaking into people’s homes in order to steal their valuables…
8. June 2019

Which metal is more durable for jewellery?

Are you considering to purchase a ring which you hope will be worn every day for many years to come, like for instance an engagement- or wedding ring? Obviously you want this ring to be up for the task and preferably turn into an heirloom eventually. But which metal is the most durable? The answer isn’t entirely simple and depends very much on your preferences and lifestyle. Here is a rundown. Modern jewellery which you can purchase at jewellers worldwide is almost never created of 100% pure precious metal because it is too soft. In order to strengthen and also…

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