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8. June 2019

Which metal is more durable for jewellery?

Are you considering to purchase a ring which you hope will be worn every day for many years to come, like for instance an engagement- or wedding ring? Obviously you want this ring to be up for the task and preferably turn into an heirloom eventually. But which metal is the most durable? The answer isn’t entirely simple and depends very much on your preferences and lifestyle. Here is a rundown. Modern jewellery which you can purchase at jewellers worldwide is almost never created of 100% pure precious metal because it is too soft. In order to strengthen and also…
29. April 2017

The wedding morning gift

One of the few things in planning a wedding which involved the groom as well is deciding on a wedding morning (or night) gift. Here is a guide to this important gift as well as the background behind the tradition. Spring and summer is the favourite time for couples to tie the knot, meant to last a lifetime. Therefore we create a lot of custom made wedding rings at this time of the year, but another sort of jewellery is also often created alongside the rings: “The wedding morning gift” or “wedding night gift”, depending on when the couple prefers…
11. April 2017

Jewellery for the young girl

Here in Denmark and many other places in Europe, our young teenagers are ”confirmed” in church when they are around 14 - a second baptization if you will, and this event typically marks when they are considered adults. Or so it was earlier, when the confirmation ended the childhood and started adulthood, prompting a young person to leave home in order to make a living elsewhere. Today obviously we don’t recognize a 14-year old as anywhere near adult (even though they themselves of cause do ;-) ). However, the confirmation is still an event which a child from a Christian home goes…
11. January 2017

The earrings of the bride

- A guide to an important detail  Few things are considered quite as carefully as details of a wedding. For most this event will be a "one shot" and therefore we strive for all details to be as close to perfection as we can get them. One of these details are the jewelry of the bride. Here the earrings often tend to be particularly important because they provide life and movement to an outfit which at times can feel a bit stiff (especially since there is actual boning in many wedding dresses!).When making decisions about the jewelry for the big…

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