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4. May 2018

Castens wins international design award

A few months ago, we participated in a design contest with our Two Forever wedding set. We are very proud of it and convinced that many will love it. Therefore, the main reason for participating in a design contest was merely to be able to prove, that this design is from our workshop – which will come in handy once someone starts to copy it (and that probably will happen eventually). As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones who considered this design to be special! A large jury at the A’Design Award chose the Two Forever wedding set…
23. November 2017

Castens and coture

High stucco ceilings, chiming laughter, clinging glasses and glittering diamonds. Yes… participating at the Show of the Guilds at the prestigious Moltkes Mansion, the closest we get to real coture here in Denmark, is quite something. The difference being, that this isn’t a singular fashion house showing its latest designs, but representatives of a number of guilds, which have teamed up with the tailors guild. Apart from the tailors, the show features jewelers, furriers, saddle makers (no, they didn’t show saddles, but handcrafted leather bags) and milliners. Due to the high end nature of all these products the clientele was…
9. November 2016

The high end secret: Show of the guilds

Once a year a number of the guilds of Denmark throw everything together in order to create a fashion show like no other: This has nothing to do with wholesale and only a little with “two seasons from now”. At this show some of the best tailors, hairdressers, hatters and jewellers showcase the prime of the crop. We are talking custom made haute coture and this year Castens partook for the very first time with the new Adorabella collection. This year the award winning movie director Susanne Bier took the stage and told about how clothing is very consciously used…

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