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4. May 2018

Castens wins international design award

A few months ago, we participated in a design contest with our Two Forever wedding set. We are very proud of it and convinced that many will love it. Therefore, the main reason for participating in a design contest was merely to be able to prove, that this design is from our workshop – which will come in handy once someone starts to copy it (and that probably will happen eventually).

As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones who considered this design to be special! A large jury at the A’Design Award chose the Two Forever wedding set to be one of the 3% to win a gold medal! We are immensely proud and now do our best to tell the world about these rings, which we hope will make quite few women very happy!


Find the rings and read more about the concept and how the rings were designed here

Tags: danish design, wedding rings


29.06.2018 10:09
Marion Krobath Olesen

Wauw hvor er de flotte..! Og tillykke med den flotte pris

02.07.2018 10:11
Karin Castens

Tak skal du have Marion :-) Vi er også meget stolte og nu i gang med at videreudvikle konceptet. Der kommer nye designs til efteråret!

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