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How we work together


If you have fallen in love with the Castens style and would like for me to create a special piece of custom made Jewellery, I want to start off by thanking you for your trust. My staff and I will do all we can to make your Jewellery dreams come true.This is how we go about it:


Start by booking an appointment with me here:


Book design meeting


If you cannot meet me in person, we will work via e-mail and/or Skype, which is just as easy. The stages described below are the same.


The Design phase

When we meet, bring along pictures of Jewellery which you like – my pieces or pieces by other jewellers. Perhaps you have even created a draft of your new piece of Jewellery. You could also be inspired by something totally else, like the flowing lines of smoke or a piece of art. Tell me what you like and why. If there is a deeper story behind the Jewellery you are longing for, let me know, and I will do my best to incorporate the sentiments which are vital to you. All this helps me to understand your wishes and desires and what makes you “tick”.



We talk and I start drawing. Sometimes we magically conjure the right design straight away, at other times it requires several drawings to encircle what you are looking for. Often my customer won’t know exactly what they want until they see it emerge under my pencil. This is why this drawing stage is crucial.


What about the price?

Isn't it expensive to have something custom made? Yes and no. Custom designed jewellery is of cause more expensive than mass produced products from China. But jewellery from our workshop isn’t more expensive than a fancy (yet still mass-produced) piece with a big brand name attached to it. No matter what, take the opportunity to browse the webpage in order to get a sense of the price level of our work. The starting price for a piece of jewellery designed for you is 5.000 DKK.


Read more about prices and the process of building jewellery here



Materials - And maybe some of your old gold?

Then we discuss materials – weighing pros and cons of one over the other, if you are in doubt – and you also decide on your preferred gems. This is where a lot can be adjusted in order to meet the budget which you are bringing to the table. Sometimes I cannot provide a price immediately, because I have to search for the gems in question first. Once it’s located, I will get back to your with an offer.

It is also in this phase that you can put your old gold or diamonds to good use. Once we have found the price of your new beautiful jewellery (read more about that process here), we will find out how much your old gold or gems are worth. Then we will sutract this from the price of the new piece.

Please note that your own gold or gems maximum can make up for 50% of the price of the new jewellery.




Ordering your new jewellery

Once we have settled on a design, materials and price, I will ask for a 50% non-refundable down payment when putting the order into the calendar. Before you leave the store you will get a receipt and online access to your order via our homepage containing an illustration and all the info necessary for me to create your new, bespoke piece of jewellery. If you want, you can also get a copy of the drawings we created together.





Now my staff will order the agreed materials from a number of different reliable suppliers. Once they arrive, your piece is created by me personally, but at times my staff will also work with smaller components like settings, bubbles etc. Production time is usually somewhere between 6-10 weeks depending on a number of issues.

Please note that if you need for us to rush your order, and produced it in less than 6 weeks a rush-fee of 20% will be added. 




Your jewellery is finished

Once your piece is finished, we will contact you and if wanted, send you a picture of the finished work. You can then pick up your new heirloom in the shop and pay the reminding fee. My greatest moment - and what I strive for as a jeweller - is to see the joy on your face as you see and try on your new masterpiece for the very first time.

If we are to send you your new piece of Jewellery, we will ask for the remaining payment to be made via bank transfer and ship it insured with FedEx, as soon as the money is received.




If you care - share

Most of my customers are so happy with their bespoke Castens jewellery, that they post pictures of it on either Facebook or Instagram, and we just love that!

You can tag us on Instagram via @castensjewellery #castens #enchantedjewellery

On Facebook (page in Danish) you are very welcome to like our page which is called Castens - Enchanted Jewellery



Nothing says UNIQUE like a custom made piece of jewellery


Do you feel inspired to have your very own piece of custom made jewellery created?
Then lets meet (in my shop or online) and have a chat.


Book design meeting