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24. June 2019

How to protect your jewelry from theft

Having your jewellery stolen can be traumatic: Loosing something of monetary value is bad enough, while loosing items of vast emotional value can be even worse. Hiding your pieces well can help to prevent the theft, but what to do if it actually happens? Here is a list of tips which will help you get back to enjoying your jewellery again Whether going on vacation or just being away from home, you have to calculate with a certain risk of theft. It’s a reality that burglars make their living by breaking into people’s homes in order to steal their valuables…
27. November 2018

5 tips for proposing at Christmas

“Will you marry me?” is a very simple question, but it takes a lot of mulling over a some courage before deciding to ask it. And once that decision has been made, you have to figure out HOW to do it – preferably in a way which conveys your love for her and the bond which you share. With Christmas coming up, now might be a great time to make your move. Christmas is a lot of lovely things – amongst these ROMANTIC. Having a bit of downtime paired with good food, soft lights and thoughtful gifts can create the…
14. February 2018

How to choose the perfect engagement ring

You have found the love of your life and want to propose to her, but how do you choose the right ring? If the ring misses the mark, the whole situation will deflate and perhaps she might even say no! Luckily there is a recipe on how to choose the perfect ring which will bring tears to hear eyes and that all-important YES from her lips.  “Congratulations!” is typically my first response to the sweet men, who come to my shop, shyly enquiring for a ring, because they need to ask their girlfriend something important. This IS an important question…
14. November 2016

Guide: How to find your ring size

We love making rings! Rings are so lovely because unlike most other jewellery, you as the wearer of it, can always see and admire it. And then there is something very soothing about fiddling around with a ring if you are a little nervous or trapped in a boring meeting... In order to create a ring for you, it is important that we have your ring size. But what if you have fallen for a Castens ring on our site, but live nowhere near Copenhagen - or you have fallen in love with a woman who deserves to get a…

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