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13. July 2019

Synthetic diamonds – better for the environment?

Have you considered buying a synthetic diamond? Why? The lower price? The smaller impact on the environment? Currently a lot of information is floating around about the benefits of synthetic diamonds, also known as HPHT diamonds, CVP diamonds, manmade diamonds, grown diamonds etc. However, the picture is a lot more muddled than the advocates of the synthetic diamonds lead us to believe. They can definitely be better for the environment – they can also definitely be not. And while they are cheaper than natural diamonds, they haven’t reached their lowest price yet – by far. So is it (yet) the…
8. June 2019

Which metal is more durable for jewellery?

Are you considering to purchase a ring which you hope will be worn every day for many years to come, like for instance an engagement- or wedding ring? Obviously you want this ring to be up for the task and preferably turn into an heirloom eventually. But which metal is the most durable? The answer isn’t entirely simple and depends very much on your preferences and lifestyle. Here is a rundown. Modern jewellery which you can purchase at jewellers worldwide is almost never created of 100% pure precious metal because it is too soft. In order to strengthen and also…
17. December 2018

Every emerald has a unique personality

Don’t you just love emerald green? Emeralds are incredibly beautiful – non the least because of their enchanting colour and the charming ”jardin” (French for garden): The many visible inclusions, which lend character to the gem. The inclusions are the detail which makes every emerald unique, but it IS possible to find eye clean gems. However, these emeralds are a rarity and hence hard to come by and of cause very, VERY precious! Even the large, intensely green emeralds which are found amongst royal jewels usually have visible inclusions. However, we have learned to love these inclusions because the colour…
6. October 2018

Which gem is the most durable?

An engagement or wedding ring is something very special: These rings are about love, commitment and persistence and the rings should reflect exactly that. Therefore, choosing a gem which is durable enough to last a whole lifetime (or longer) is paramount.Want to know exactly what makes a gem durable enough for “the long haul”, how it should be set in order to be protected and which color choices you have – watch this video!     (If you are watching this video on your mobile phone, just tab the enlage icon and it will adjust to your device) The video…
17. March 2018

Sustainable gems – an impossible dream?

For good reasons, we have become more and more aware of the environmental footprint which we leave after our existence on this earth and therefore I have an increasing number of customers who ask:Is there such a thing as fairtrade diamonds or other ethically sourced gems which do not harm the environment? The answer is YES, NO and DEFINITELY MAYBE... Recently I attended a talk by the “Indiana Jones of Gemmology” - Vincent Pardieu. The topic was sustainable mining of coloured gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies. This is actually a very complicated matter, as it turns out! Now,…
13. September 2017

Can you trust a jeweller?

  Currently the tabloids here are having a field day picking apart an issue from a Danish reality Show (Familien fra Bryggen). It’s all about a 1 carat diamond ring created by Mai Manniches company JEWLSCPH which failed to live up to the expectations of the customer (Cengiz Mads Salvarli). The whole thing has left me a bit worried, because it might create doubt about the honesty of the Danish jewellers and especially the price of a 1 carat diamond. Obviously I can never guarantee what my generally very honest and sensible colleagues do, but I CAN say a bit…
18. March 2017

White gold is not white!

Did you get surprised by this? Or did you already know (perhaps through your own experience) that white gold actually is sort of doe grey? “Then why does it look like freshly polished silver in the shops?” you ask. Get the answer in this video.     BTW: Did you know that the Danes have a peculiar habit of calling yellow gold "red gold"? Read about this conundrum here.
2. March 2017

Fun fact: In Denmark yellow gold is called RED gold

Why do so many Danes insist on calling yellow gold red gold (rødguld)? It doesn’t make any sense since gold is yellow. Especially not because you CAN actually get red gold - an alloy with a high amount of copper, which we have had to call “rose gold” because “red gold” is occupied by the yellow gold! However, there is a historical reason for the strangeness at hand: In ancient times (viking age) all warm colours ranging from yellow over orange to red were called “red”. I know this for a fact because I ended up calling “Dansk Sprognævn” –…
9. December 2016

The old cut diamond

Right now this absolute beauty rests in our safe – an old cut oval or cushion shaped diamond. And what is “old cut" you ask? Well, these diamonds have somewhat fewer facets and usually also a smaller table = the flat top of the gem, than the standard brilliant cut we use today. If you don’t recognize the cut at the first glance, the lacking tip of the gem, which shows in a small circle seen through the diamond is a dead giveaway. These diamonds are extremely charming with their somewhat old fashioned look and therefore also have quite few…

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