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6. October 2018

Which gem is the most durable?

An engagement or wedding ring is something very special: These rings are about love, commitment and persistence and the rings should reflect exactly that. Therefore, choosing a gem which is durable enough to last a whole lifetime (or longer) is paramount.

Want to know exactly what makes a gem durable enough for “the long haul”, how it should be set in order to be protected and which color choices you have – watch this video!



(If you are watching this video on your mobile phone, just tab the enlage icon and it will adjust to your device)

The video was originally aired on IGTV – the new video feature of Instagram. If you want to make sure not to miss out on inspiring and educational content in future, please follow us there @castensjewellery (yes, that is spelled the British/Canadian way with two L’s).

Tags: diamonds, engagement ring, gems


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