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27. June 2017

How old styles can inspire modern jewellery design

Recently we created a lovely set of earrings. That obviously happens fairly often, but these ones were sort of… special. They consisted of a double curl, sprouting from a diamond. I called them the “Rocaille ear studs” – and what on earth is a “Rocaille”? A bit of fonetical help here: Rocaille is pronounced [rokaj'] and it’s a design element roughly shaped like a shell. The rocaille describes a curve with a scalloped edge, which was widely used in the 18th century, when the baroque style turned into rococo - and yes: ROCOCO is named after the ROCAILLE. Rococo is…
7. December 2016

From the Valley of the Diamonds to the Top of the Engagement Ring

It is neither the rarest nor the most notable of gems ... And since our great Mother Earth has created so many other beautiful and rare gemstones, in all colours of the rainbow even, why is it that the classic white diamond is still is the only right choice when it comes to various jewellery and especially the engagement and wedding rings? The explanation comes in the shape of a dramatic story featuring both power, money, blood and manipulation. We do not know for sure when the first diamonds were found, but ever since the first written records were made,…
7. November 2016

Isn’t it easy to cheat with the gold?

Yes, principally it is. You just use a gold alloy with a lower gold content than what you claim it is and take the price of the claimed alloy instead of the actual. However, obviously we (or any other honest jeweler) aren’t interested in that! On the contrary: We want to make absolutely sure, that our customers can trust us and so have organized a control and validation system to take care of exactly that.This issue is obviously not a recent one: For as long as humankind has been able to cheat with the materials, humankind has sought to validate…

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