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14. November 2016

Guide: How to find your ring size

We love making rings! Rings are so lovely because unlike most other jewellery, you as the wearer of it, can always see and admire it. And then there is something very soothing about fiddling around with a ring if you are a little nervous or trapped in a boring meeting...

In order to create a ring for you, it is important that we have your ring size. But what if you have fallen for a Castens ring on our site, but live nowhere near Copenhagen - or you have fallen in love with a woman who deserves to get a Castens ring but should be kept in the dark a little bit longer? In that case we fortunately have a few tricks:

In Denmark, ring sizes are given by the circumference of the finger measured in millimetres (i.e. the inner circumference of the ring). If you can provide me with a diameter it is also easily possible to calculate the size from that. Abroad, ring sizes are an entirely different matter: Some countries use, like us, metric measurements, other measures in inches, diameter (both metric and inch) and in England a system with letters is used. In other words: The confusion is also absolute! If you have the size in an international measurement and would like to know what that would be in Danish sizes, please download this international ring size konversion. So, let’s look at different possibilities to establish the desired ring size:

  • The easiest is of course to go to your local jeweller and ask for having your ring size measured. Be aware that the ring size may vary depending on the width of the desired ring: a delicate thing ring shank can be up to a whole size smaller than a wide band of for instance 5 mm. 
  • The string method: Take a piece of string of around 20 cm in length. Plain ribbon can also be used, but don’t use sewing thread, since this will be too thin. Wrap the string twice around the finger you want to wear the ring on and make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose, but feels comfortable. Mark a transverse line across both strings. Unwrap the string and now measure the distance between the two marks. You might end up with for instance 54 mm, which means that you use size 54 according to Danish ring sizes.
  • If the ring is not for you, find a ring which fits on the finger the new ring should fit and measure the inner diameter with a calliper. If the ring has become slightly oval because it has been created of a soft or rather thin metal, which hasn’t been able to hold its shape through everyday wear, measure both the widest and narrowest part and then provide me with the average.
  • If you do not have a calliper, put the ring on a piece of paper and draw along the inside of it. Now measure the diameter.
  • See if you can get away with trying on a ring which fits her left ring finger. You might even put a mark on the spot on your finger where her ring fits and then go straight to the jeweler to have the size measured while you still remember the right fit.

In the ordering process, getting the ring size just right is not always straight forward: A ring is rigid, while a finger is malleable and will change due to heat (you can easily go up a full size on a hot summer day), how much salt you have consumed lately (which will hold back water, making your finger a bit thicker) and “that time of the month” – not to speak of pregnancies which of cause alters the body of the would-be mother to a very large (pun intended) extend. Also, over the course of a whole lifetime, it is not unlikely that your ring size will change. Many gain weight, some get larger knuckles due to arthritis and some also loose weight.  In this case it is vital that the ring size can be changed – at least once you have resigned to your current weight be it up or down.But don’t be alarmed! Once you have started wearing a ring fulltime, your finger will adapt to it. You can actually gain quite a bit of weight before it starts to be a problem. But don’t wait too long until you have the ring resized. By the time getting it off requires half an hour under the cold tab and plenty of lubricant, you need to keep it off!

At Castens we have many years of experience when gauging a ring measurement and do our best to take the above issues into consideration. Other issues to be aware of are also the with and shape of the intended ring. The wider the ring, the larger the size because a wide ring will push more fat and muscle tissue away than a narrow one. A ring with a rounded profile on the inside (which is how we always create our rings because it is the most comfortable to wear) will however push less tissue away than a ring which is flat on the inside. Taking all these issues into consideration is also why having your measurements taken at a professional jeweller shop ensures a much higher success rate of getting the size right.


What if the ring doesn't fit?

Our policy is very simple: Within the first half year after purchasing a gold ring we will resize your ring at no expense to you. This is a service which we offer all our clients having gold rings custom made at our workshop.
Of cause we also resize (most of) your old rings. However, resizing is not always easy due to the materials and design at hand. A silver ring with a heat-sensitive amethyst for instance CAN be resized, but with a considerable risk to the gem because soldering silver is a different and hotter beast than soldering gold. The safest solution could of cause be to take out the gem, resize the ring, repairing the setting (which will almost always take some beating by the gem-removal-process) and then reset the gem. However, with silver jewellery this is mostly only feasible if the ring holds emotional value.

Resizing costs a basic fee and in the case of gold, palladium or platinum, a certain amount per size going UP.

If you still have questions about your ring size, you are of course most welcome to contact us and we will do our best to guide you.

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