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3. February 2017

Embrace – Castens most loving design

An embrace consists of two arms which gently cradle that which is most loved – a mother holding her child, a scollar his precious books or a spouse gently holding the precious love given on that special day when two become one. Therefore the design of this ring is in many ways perfect to illustrate how much the wearer cherishes something or someone.

Delicate curvy white gold diamond engagement ring

However, in my mind, the ring actually comes with a story – especially the wedding rings:


Once upon a time there was a ring

This ring was so filled with joy, that it developed a crack

Eventually it split open … and out burst the joy symbolized by precious gems


Especially for wedding rings this is a very beautiful way to link his and her ring together, by collaborating in telling the story of their initial infatuation, which matured and eventually manifested into the grand pledge: To be together until death do us part.

I have created many, many versions of the Embrace design – both as “me-rings”, engagement rings and wedding rings and so far no two versions have been exactly alike. Some like a symmetrical and compact design with many bubbles, which holds one or more diamonds diagonally on a row. Others like an open version which allows the skin underneath to peep through.


Some want a playful asymmetrical version while others again prefer the arms of the embrace to curl up and become more of a design feature. My customers mostly choose gems, often diamonds, for their rings, but some also supplement these with a flower or a heart.

And so the beauty (apart from the apparent) of the Embrace design is, that its’ vastly versatile, because it can wrap itself around so many things in so many ways – and yet this design starts in the exact same way: with a stick of metal, which is milled, filed and bent into two swooping arms.

The design has by the way proven to be wonderfully practical: it can yield quite a bit of various details, but since they are all contained within the arms and not built on top of the ring shank, the ring itself is not protruding very much above the finger. This means that it doesn’t get stuck in sweaters, doesn’t hurt the ones you love and enables you to wear gloves at winter time (much appreciated in Scandinavia for instance). 

Small, peculiar fact:

The initial name of the design was “Split”, which seemed logical based on the small story attached to it. However, there was something infinitely wrong about calling especially wedding rings, which are supposed to bind two lovers together “Split”. Therefore we took another look at the design and went back to why it was so charming: The arms cradling beauty. And so “Embrace” became the name of one of Castens most cherished and popular designs.


Would you like to have a set of your very own Embrace rings made?


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