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Champagne Cocktail ring

How do you illustrate a cocktail - if it has to be in the shape of a ring? That was the brief when I was asked to create a cocktail ring, based on a classic champagne cocktail. This consists of a sugar lump of brown cane sugar, sprinkled with a few drops of angostura bitter and then topped up with champagne.

The result of the creative process was a large but airy gold ring, with the sugar lump (in the form of a rose-cut brown diamond on the inside of the ring's bottom half) forming the base. From here, the golden lines which the bubbles in the glass draw along its sides, wind up around the finger before popping into small diamonds around the foam top – a large, baroque freshwater pearl.

The ring is a one of a kind and created for the exhibition "Carats and Cocktails", which took place at the cocktail bar Balthazar (at Hotel D'Angleterre) in the autumn 2023.

See a video of the creation process here.

Size 55. No adjustment possible


14k gold, baroque freshwater pearl, 0,15ct rosecut champagne diamond & a total of 0,225ct W/SI diamonds

Price: 44.700 DKK


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