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Earrings, Rocaille

Green Rocaille - Scroll earrings with diamonds

Simple and feminine in its design. The ideal earrings to lift an everyday look, and show your personality.
The beautiful green diamonds glitter intensely in this particular set, but we create these earrings with other gemstones which may better match the eye color, or says something special about their owner. The shape is inspired by the beloved rocaill motif from the rococ period. Read more about that here.


14k gold & ato. 0,1 ct green diamonds

Price: 5.900 DKK

This pieces is a one of a kind
– a bespoke piece
made for a specific customer

If you would like something similar, please book a design meeting (we work both via e-mail and Skype) in order to have your very own custom made piece created. Please note: One of a kind pieces are very time consuming which therefore is reflected by the final price.

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