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Like a golden stream, these earrings wind between stones that sparkle diamond-like in the sun and terminate with a baroque freshwater pearl. The earrings are inspired by the last two lines of Emil Aarestrup's poem Angst: "In a little while, we have disappeared, Like the bubbles in the stream." A very beautiful way of expressing how important it is to appreciate the present.

ATTENTION! Baroque pearls have each their unique shape and therefore each pair looks slightly different. But we strive to find pearls which are roughly the same shape and size. Also available in other precious metals and with other gems/drops. Please enquire at design@castens.com for a quote.

Measure: 4,8cm. If you would rather wear the design as a ring, you will find it here.


18k guld med i alt 0,09ct TW/VVS diamanter & barokke ferskvandsperler

Price: 13.100 DKK


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