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Are you not allowed to wear your ring at work? You can choose to put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace, but it tends to look a bit random. You can also choose use the Ringbearer - a carefully designed eyelet which turns your ring into a beautiful pendant.

The Ringbearer securely holds your ring onto the chain and the unique D-shape ensures that it rests beautifully against the skin. You can choose to enhance it with a small drop, for instance a pearl, which turns the combination of the Ringbearer and your ring into an even more unique pendant. When you wear your ring on your finger, the Ringbearer is transformed into a pretty and discreet pendant, left on your necklace.

The Ringbearer has been designed by Karin Castens, is design protected and can only be obtained in our jeweller's shop. Each Ringbearer is individually built according to your wishes. If you have a special wish for the look of YOUR version, please get in contact and let us design it together at design@castens.com.

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Chain to be bought separately here.
Ring is for demonstration only - can be purchased here.


Silver, gold or white gold with freshwater pearl

Price: 4.450 DKK

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks


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