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Castens’ Declaration about General Data Protection Regulation


Published by Castens 16-05-2018


The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation  by EU law  on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. The GDPR aims primarily to provide citizens and residents control over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business  by unifying the regulation within the EU.

This causes us to update our data protection and usage, as well as the way in which we obtain consent statements from our old, current as well as future customers. With the new regulation, our customers' data protection rights are strengthened, and it places new demands on the way we handle personal data about our customers.

In this document we review how we treat your personal data. Should questions arise and you need to get our policies clarified, you are more than welcome to contact us either by phone: +45 32 200 444 or mail: design@castens.com and we will answer your questions with pleasure. If you are unsure how we handle cookies, please read more here: CookiesIf you would like to read our standardTerms and Conditions, you can find them here: Terms & Conditions.

If you have purchased a product at Castens in 2018, you will know that we have recoded your data as a customer in our customer database and signed you up for our Castens Club. Previous to this, we have received your oral consent. If you previously have shopped at Castens we will update our costumer database with your information and sign you up as a Club Member as well, in order to enable you to edit your information autonomously. However, all customers will receive an email enabling them to give us thir consent to creating and retaining the data we have on our customers. In this way we can ensure being able to always retrieve an order to restore it if you lose it as well as telling your insurance company exactly what your jewellery was made of. This makes it easy for both us (when we process your order) and for you when or if you need information about this particular piece of jewellery or if you wish to have a new piece of jewellery made which matches a previously created piece made by Castens.  

The personal data protection also deals with information we collect through the reply of mails and information given by telephone. However, we do not record phone calls and therefore can only collect data using written data, which can be attached to the individual customer’s information.

We may change the Data Protection Declaration, cf. applicable law. Therefore, if data protection is important to you, you should periodically review the statement. If we change conditions which will affect you directly (for example, if we use your data for anything other than previously agreed), you will be notified of the changes before the new activities begin.

If you cannot approve this Data Protection Declaration, there might be services we can no longer offer you. It may be reordering of custom made jewellery, printing of previous invoices, newsletters, delivery of jewellery at your place of residence, or call / email when your order is complete and ready for pickup. However, we always have the opportunity to expedite your order and you also have the opportunity to use an alias in our customer database, but this may also affect whether we can assist you with insurance issues or similar services.

What kind of personal data does Castens collect and why?

When you place an order with Castens, we collect your name and your contact information such as email address and phone number. This information is used for customer recognition enabling us to contact you when the order is completed or in case of questions, and in order to ensure that we do not deliver your order, which may be half or fully paid, to another person than you.

This information will be incorporated into our database, which allows you and us to access them digitally. If you become member of the Castens Club, you can yourself add sizes, lengths and preferences to your profile, which we store for you. The information can be deleted at any time, as requested. However, we cannot offer to restore them once they have been deleted. In addition, we collect information about your I.P address from your computer, mobile, tablet or other devices which you use to access our website. If you make a purchase at our web shop, we collect information about your credit card used to dispatch your order.

How does Castens share your data with third parties?

There are several parties involved when you become a customer at Castens. First, we share your personal data when we invoice your order through our billing system. Secondly, your card payment is recorded through our financial institutions such as bank, payment gateway and cardholder. It is required to collect and share this information with these third parties in order for you to make a payment. Information processed by third parties is processed solely on behalf of Castens and may not be used for their own purposes. We neither sell nor rent out your personal data!

How do we store and protect your data at Castens?

We keep your personal data as long as necessary to offer you the use of our services or to provide our services to you; including the execution of jewellery orders, delivery of orders, and further processing, newsletter, receipt and customer database membership. All personal data are covered by this declaration of data protection. If you have questions regarding the storage period for certain types of personal data, please feel free to contact us.

We use appropriate systems and procedures to protect your personal information. We also have security measures, as well as technical and physical restrictions on access to and use of the personal information stored on our servers. Only authorized employees, who use the information in connection with their work, can access the information.

How does Castens handle personal data about children?

Unless otherwise stated, it’s only possible to access our services if you are over 16 years old. We only deal with information about children with parental or a guardian's permission, or if the information is submitted by parents or guardians.

How can you access, change or otherwise control the information you have shared with Castens?

You are always entitled to access your personal data. You can do this digitally if you are a member of our customer database called Castens Club, where you also have the opportunity to change your information. You can always request a copy of your personal information if you do not have the opportunity for the above access. You also have the option of having your personal information deleted or otherwise restricted at any time, as well as requesting us to forward your information to third parties.

If you have changed your personal data through your club membership, it is your responsibility to ensure that your personal data is correct. In case of incorrect or inadequate data, which you are unable to change yourself, please inform us immediately.

In cases where we use your personal data with the consent of you, you are entitled to withdraw your consent, but not retroactively.

Personal data you share with us about others

It may be that you buy a piece of jewellery for another person and in that case, we at times receive information about this other person. It’s important to point out that it is your responsibility that the person whose information you have shared with us has been or will be notified of this. If it is a gift, the person must have the information immediately after the gift is handed over and in that case also have the opportunity to access or retrieve his/hers personal information by contacting us.

Personal data for use in marketing

We sometimes use your information for marketing purposes such as sending you newsletters. You can easily at any time unsubscribe from this - just click on "unsubscribe" found at the bottom of all newsletters. Please note, that you can continue to be a member of the Castens Club without receiving the newsletter. When you participate in competitions, we will also collect and store the data you provide, and you will be able to delete these data at any time.

Personal Data Protection and Social Media

At Castens, we use social media that allows us to market our products while making it easier for you to keep up with news, make wish lists and order items online. This causes us to collect some of your personal data through social media.

You will be able to create and log onto your Castens club membership through another social media, as we have integrated the media with each other, which makes it redundant for you to remember multiple passwords. However, these accounts can be disconnected at any time if you don't want to terminate this connection. As long as your accounts are integrated, certain information will be available to the social media provider and Castens will automatically gain information which is publicly available on your social media accounts. If you do not want this, you can edit your settings individually on the various social media, which does not change the use of our services.

If you use our Facebook page, either by just liking a post or if you participate in competitions, Facebook is able to collect data about your actions. However, these terms are something you can change your on your Facebook account at any time and you have recently had to accept the terms at Facebook and other social media because of the new Personal Data Regulation.

When we process your personal data, as described above, it is on the following legal basis:

Castens relies on the legal basis that the processing of certain personal data is necessary for contract fulfillment. This means that we cannot process an order without collectig certain personal information and retaining it for as long as the order is active. Castens states that the personal data is stored for the duration of the order and if the customer subsequently wishes them to be deleted, we will do so immediately.

Responsibility in relation to the processing of personal data at Castens

Castens administration is responsible for processing your personal data. Castens is a privately-owned company, which has an address at Holbergsgade 19a, 1057 Copenhagen K. Contact can be made at phone: 32200444 or mail: design@castens.com

Complaints and objections

You are entitled to know what personal information we keep about you. You may also object to the use of your data at any time. You may revoke your consent to processing your data at any time. If your data is incorrect, you are entitled to correct or delete them through your Club Membership, your newsletter subscription or by contacting us directly. Please contact: design@castens.com. If you want to complain about our processing of your personal data, you also have the opportunity to contact the Data Inspectorate.