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23. May 2020

Creating a tiara

When the Copenhagen Jewellers Guild announced the event “Fit for a Queen”, letting all Copenhagen Jewellers participating with their take on what was fit for a queen, I decided to create a tiara. Of course, one might be tempted to say, since I love creating tiaras and do so approximately once every other year.

This particular tiara was meant for a forest queen and hence its main motifs would be silvery leaves and/or flowers. I puzzled around with the elements for quite a while before settling for a somewhat simple but stylish version featuring only leaves. I adored the flowers too, but felt that they were rather “young” and since the tiara was meant for a queen, I went with the leaves only. But I was still in doubt about how to finish off the sides of the tiara and therefore asked my faithful Facebook community, who voted for a finish not with a curl but pearls.

And so I got started by first creating the main axis, which would hold the biggest pearl.

This axis was then soldered onto the frame, which would hold all the leaves. The eyelets at the end of the frame allow for either a string or pins in order to secure the tiara when it was ready to be worn.

One by one the leaves were added along with more twigs for peals, each ending in a gold bubble with a diamond.

When the entire tiara was soldered together, each leaf was engraved, lending a satin-like structure to them before gently bending everything into shape and attaching the pearls.

It took several days, but the result was absolutely lovely and the tiara matches beautifully with a pendant and earrings created of the same materials.


The tiara is for sale.

See it here

Tags: Tiara, wedding


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