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13. July 2019

Synthetic diamonds – better for the environment?

Have you considered buying a synthetic diamond? Why? The lower price? The smaller impact on the environment?

Currently a lot of information is floating around about the benefits of synthetic diamonds, also known as HPHT diamonds, CVP diamonds, manmade diamonds, grown diamonds etc. However, the picture is a lot more muddled than the advocates of the synthetic diamonds lead us to believe. They can definitely be better for the environment – they can also definitely be not. And while they are cheaper than natural diamonds, they haven’t reached their lowest price yet – by far. So is it (yet) the time to buy them for the sake of price?

I have put together all the main topics of the issue in this video which will leave you much better equipped when deciding: Should you buy a synthetic or a natural diamond?



Rerad more about modern diamond mining here.

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