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a meeting
5. January 2021

Corona-closed - But the workshop is open!

We have been asked to close our store front in order to stop the spreading of the corona virus and of cause we comply. However, since our workshop is as small as it is with only 3 of us working together, we have chosen to keep the workshop running. This means that ordered Jewellery is still created, the webshop is open for business and design meetings are still held – albeit with a certain distance: Online, by phone: +45 32 200 444 or mail: design@castens.com

When your Jewellery is finished, you can pick it up (thoroughly cleansed of cause) by the door or have it sent to you.

Please take care of yourself and those you love by being a solitude-hero. I am looking forward to smiling at you without a mask once the weather warms up again and the vaccines are starting to be more wide spread. We can do this! Together – from a distance!


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